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Hey there,
I'm Lily!

Specializing in haircuts and color!

Lily is our theatre-loving and happy-energy girl! She is always seen with a smile and is amazing at helping you feel heard and loved. She is fueled by other people - her love for any human gets her where she needs to go.

"If you know me, you know I have 3 loves. Disneyland, theater, and hair. I believe that there is magic everywhere and it can be found in anything, and anyone! 

I am fueled by other people. My love for the human race and every person gets me where I want to go." 


"As the baby of my family, I am very familiar with being interrupted or talked over. So I want every client to feel like my number one focus and to feel like they are being heard, seen, and taken care of. 

My favorite thing about doing hair is helping people feel like their best selves. Everyone is beautiful on the inside, but sometimes it takes feeling beautiful on the outside to see it. 

When you sit in my chair, my goal is for you to leave feeling like you can do anything. I really believe that good hair can be a superpower. I want every day to be a good hair day after you leave the salon."

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