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Hey there,
I'm Allyson!

Specializing in curly haircuts, root touchup and all over colors

Allyson is our up for anything adventure girl, always wanting to try anything new. She is a working mama that loves her time in the salon and at home and loves to be around people who keep her laughing.

"My favorite thing about doing hair is teaching guests new tricks to make doing their hair easier and help them see the beauty in the natural hair they have.

When you sit in my chair my goal is to help you walk away with some new piece of knowledge you haven't known before."

"If you know me, you know that my kids are my whole world. I originally became a hairstylist so I had the flexibility with my schedule to be there for them. Thankfully, this profession has become my passion and there is never a day I don't want to be at the salon.

I am fueled by adventure whether it's riding a train (my new love) or traveling to a new destination I am up for anything new that I haven't tried. The beach will never get old for me and I'm sure one day I will retire next to one.

As a curly girl I have had plenty of time to learn about curls although I still continue education with curly hair and will never stop trying to perfect it. I know what I need and want with my curls and seek to help others discover what works best for them too!" 

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