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Hey there,
I'm Sydney!

Schedules for all services and specializes in curly haircuts.

Sydney is spunky, cute and we love having her at the salon. She is our spicy stylist and will definitely keep you entertained throughout your appointment.

My favorite thing about doing hair is helping my guests to feel LOVED! Getting your hair done is a treat and I’m so excited to be the one to help you treat yourself!

When you leave the salon I want you to be 100% happy with you hair, feeling good, knowing you are valued, and excited to show off your look! 

People ask me if I have always wanted to be a cosmetologist, and my answer is YES! I knew early on that beauty was my passion. From doing all my teammates hair before volleyball tournaments to getting everyone ready for Prom. I knew I needed to be behind the chair!

I’m super high energy! I love working out, especially going to High-fitness with my girls! I love dancing and really anything with a great group of friends! 

Being someone who is always changing their hair, I have learned that with the right attitude and spunk, anyone can rock any hairstyle or color! I can’t wait to have you in my chair! 

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