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Introducing Our New REWARDS PROGRAM!

We have some pretty amazing new changes here at Allyson Marie Hair. With the weather warming up and the feeling of change in the air, I have decided to switch things up a bit in the salon as well.

I am sure you have noticed little details have improved with the addition of snacks, warm towels, etc., all small changes I have made in hopes to make your experience here top notch.

I want to take a minute and share something a little bigger I think you will love in addition to all the small changes.

First, at your next appointment, you will be given a packet that is full of everything you need to know about coming into the salon. A few of the things included are pricing list, hair maintenance schedule, new services, cancellation policy, a few referral cards you can share with your friends, and the most exciting: my rewards program!

I enclosed the details in your packet, but I'll let you know here too!

There are a total of 25 points per card, and for each card that fills up, you will receive a $15 gift card that can be used on any service I perform on you.

You earn 1 point with every:

Pre-booked Appointment

Nose/Brow Wax

Treatment (split end correction, deep condition, etc.)

$25 purchased in retail

You earn 3 points with every:

Brazilian Blowout

Social Media Share

Online Review (Google, Yelp, or Facebook- you can find me on any of these at Allyson Marie Hair)



When you refer a new client to me, I will send you a $15 gift card to be used toward services after their 1st appointment. Your friend will also receive a $15 gift card from me after their first appointment. It's a win for everyone!


Thank you for letting me be the one to do your hair! I love when you come in and we get to catch up.

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