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Winter Hair Care

It’s time to talk about your winter hair care routine… your hair isn’t prone to major breakage just in summertime. Winter can do just as much damage to our hair and skin, if not more. So let’s discuss how every hair texture can perfect their hair game this season. These next few tips aren’t limited to just cold weather, but can be applied all year round to keep your locks looking the healthiest it has ever been.

The temperature shock between the snowy Utah outdoors and the dry indoors really irritates the scalp and skin. Even more so is washing your hair with hot water. We all know it feels nice to take a hot shower when it’s so cold and snowy outside, but this furthers irritation on the scalp. These in combination are very dehydrating and can cause dry scalp and hair fall! Try switching to cooler water temperatures this season to keep your skin and hair moisturized.

Reduce the amount of hair washes you have in a week. The more you wash and shampoo your hair, the more brittle and dry your hair may become as this can be extra drying in cold weather. Opt for using dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash. I usually wash my hair 1-2 times a week and use dry shampoo and conditioner on the days I don’t (you can buy both of these products from me!)

Be sure to never skip on using conditioner! In fact, use more! Our hair needs extra moisture this season to relieve our dry and brittle ends. I recommend committing to a leave-in treatment to put that moisture back into your mane. My favorites are the Luxury Deep Condition offered at the salon! This service lasts 12-15 washes versus most deep conditions that only last 2-3 washes. If you don’t have time to come in every few weeks for a deep condition, you can also purchase a great overnight leave-in treatment from me. My favorite and best-seller at the salon is the Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque. It’s great for hair repair and eliminating frizz! Leave-in treatments are definitely a commitment, but your hair will thank you when it’s looking healthy and moisturized in all those holiday photos

After washing your hair, it is very important that you do not leave your house with your hair wet! This can cause serious damage to your hair as it can freeze and break off very easily. No one wants that! Be sure to properly dry your hair and use a thermal protectant if nothing else. My favorite pre-treatment for blow drying is Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray. I use it on every client at the salon before drying them. Avoid using a lot of heat on your hair to prevent further damage, but if you decide to blow dry our hair, I have a great tutorial uploaded on my Youtube channel, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you notice that your ends are just too dry and brittle to manage, come in for a trim! Hair should be trimmed regularly to avoid those split ends working their way up and making your hair shorter and more damaged. I recommend regular trims 6-8 weeks if you are using heat regularly on your hair and 10-12 weeks if you are not using heat. I also offer a great Split End Treatment service at the salon. This will seal off broken fibers and instantly mends tears and splits in the hair shaft. This treatment lasts up to 4 weeks and works better with excellent results when it is regularly upkept. 

This winter season, I also wouldn't recommend going Platinum as this is the time your hair is prone to damage. Hair lightening is a very drying process so if you do plan on doing so, I would not do it without using bond-builder at the salon. This will help repair broken bonds in the hair and keeping it healthy. 

And of course, remember to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water to keep your hair and skin hydrated. I hope these tips help you to have the best looking hair for the new year!

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