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A MUST Product For All My Blondies

If you are planning on being blonde, ask any long time blonde… purple shampoo is about to become your best friend.

Like always, you need to make sure you are doing all you can with your at home maintenance to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. The key to that is using the right, quality products. 

Make sure you are always starting with the foundation and moving forward from there. A good foundation starts with quality shampoo and conditioner. Purple shampoo for blondes is part of it if you want to maintain your gorgeous blonde hair. Natural blondes without any coloring will also fall in love with this shampoo.


So what is purple shampoo and what makes it different from your regular shampoo?

-It is a thick and pigmented purple, so thick that it's a little scary when you look at it.  -The darker the purple, the better. -It is not watery, or light in color and you can't see through it.


Now what is purple shampoo for?

Purple shampoo is perfect for counteracting unwanted brassy/yellow tones in your hair. These tones are usually more prominent in roots but can be found throughout the hair shaft as well. If you take a look at the color wheel, you can see that yellow is directly across and opposite of purple, therefore being the perfect tone to neutralize brassiness. 

After blonding services in the salon, we put a glaze in your hair. This leaves your hair looking as gorgeous as ever, but glazes fade over time with washes and the result is having a lingering yellow tone in your hair when a glaze is not maintained. It’s hard to be excited about your hair when you begin to see those unwanted tones creeping through. Many clients are unable to keep up with glaze touch ups and so the temporary, but simple, solution for this is to use purple shampoo!

Although, purple shampoo should not replace your glaze refreshes as it is not able to be customized to your exact color and tone. The pigmented purples are just meant to counteract any yellow tones in your hair. There are many different blondes and so as a result, it is possible your hair may appear more ashy and leave a slight purple tone in your hair.


So here is how to use it perfectly for your hair--

If you feel super brassy and yellow, use purple shampoo every time.  

As you see it cool down move to using purple shampoo every other wash or mix ½ purple with ½ regular shampoo.

If you find that most of your brassiness and yellow tones are on your roots, apply the shampoo there first and wait for about 5 minutes. Then apply to the ends for about 1-2 minutes. Hair ends are more porous and will grab onto the purple quicker than on the scalp, so we don’t want it to sit there and soak.

When you get to the tone you like then STOP!! At this point, only use purple shampoo when you begin to see yellow creeping back in. Overusing can cause gray, ashy, slightly purple hair. Too much purple shampoo is a thing!!

Purple shampoo can be drying so make sure you use a good conditioner that gives your hair back the moisture it needs.  Better yet, do deep conditions often to rehydrate your locks.

If you do end up taking the tone too far and you end up to gray or purplish then either jump back in the shower and wash with regular shampoo or wait a few days and after 2-3 washes that color will fade away.  


Now you know what to expect maintenance-wise for blonde hair! Ask any long-time blonde and you’ll come to find out that a good purple shampoo is a must. My favorite brands for purple shampoo are Pravana and Amika. Feel free to message if you have any questions about going blonde, maintenance or purple shampoo.

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