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Monthly Newsletter: September 2019

Debunking Hair Myths And Wives Tales






We all know there are a handful of "stories" about any subject out there that are false and completely discreditable. Growing up, I was always told if you swallow your gum, it'll be stuck in your stomach for 7 years. What the??? Crazy, right? We all know it's not true but I bet there's a lot of us that won't swallow gum just from that myth. 


Well I decided to dive in and debunk a few hair wives tales and myths. Keep reading to find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to your hair. 


#1. Adding egg whites to your hair can make your hair curly.


TRUE: Mixing egg whites with a mixer until they are fluffy and have the consistency of mousse will work as a substitute hair mousse. Apply it the same as you normally would and as crazy as it seems, it doesn't smell or feel weird at all. 


I tried this trick on one of my friends that claimed she couldn't get curly hair. I mixed up the egg whites, applied it to her hair, and then diffused her hair (a diffuser is an attachment that you put on your blow dryer for curly hair). Granted, if you have stick straight hair with no natural waves, I highly doubt this home trick will work. But let me know if you have this hair texture and tried this trick with different results!














#2. You should wash your hair every day or until it is "squeaky clean"


FALSE: Hair that is over washed strips the shaft of the natural oils it needs to be nourished and healthy. Washing every day with shampoo will definitely strip your scalp and hair of healthy oils that our hair loves and will cause your scalp to produce even more oils to compensate for the ones that are washed away. This may be the reason why your scalp could be so oily if you are washing your hair every day.


Washing hair every day just trains your scalp to produce more oils than you really need. I recommend adding a day or two between your hair washes. If that is too much for your hair, then start with just missing one day of washing your hair during the week. Let your hair get used to that extra day for a few weeks and slowly start to add more days between your washes until you get to the amount that you prefer. I personally wash my hair about 1-2 times per week.


Always remember that shampoo is meant for your scalp and conditioner is meant for your ends. When conditioner is added to your scalp, it can weigh down your hair and allow it to grease faster.
















#3. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.


PARTIALLY TRUE: Your hair grows at the same pace whether you cut it or not. However, trimming it regularly will keep split ends off. When you have split ends, your hair will break or split into two pieces then break off, causing the hair to be shorter. Over time, split ends will just keep moving up the hair shaft causing the illusion of your hair to stop growing, when in reality, it is just breaking off at the ends.


So keep your ends cleaned up! I recommend trimming your ends every 8-10 weeks max. Ends will begin to show signs of damage and move up the hair shaft after that point because of heat and daily wear on our hair. 


#4. Pluck one gray hair and three more will appear.



So silly but you do not want to pluck out

these hairs, it can cause damage to your

hair follicle and when it grows back in,

it will stand straight up. Better yet, just

color your hair if those coarse, pesky

grays start to bother you. Or think about

purchasing a can of temporary spray color

here at the salon to spray away the gray.





#5. Wearing hats promotes hair loss.


FALSE: Some people believe that wearing hats cuts the circulation to your scalp and therefore causes hair loss and baldness. Hair loss is mostly genetic and can be affected by stress and hormones. Most likely, people may notice hair fallout in their hat and make an incorrect assumption. 











And this last one is just for fun.

#6. You must burn or flush any hair from your brushes or else someone who finds your hair can put a voodoo spell on you. hahaha


Feel free to respond with some wives tales or myths of your own!

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